Publix Passport Login at Publix Oasis Login Guide 2022

Publix Oasis Login is known as an online portal for Publix supermarkets. Through this Publix Employee login portal, employees can check their schedules as well as payslips and more. In this article, we will give you more and more information about Publix Oasis Login and Passport Publix and will also explain how Publix Oasis provides a fully functional solution between the company and its employees.

What is, Publix Password, and Publix Oasis?

Publix Passport Login: Publix Oasis Login

Publix Passport Login : Publix Oasis Login Guide at

Publix or Publix supermarket stores are an employee-owned private corporation that is considered one of the largest supermarkets in the United States. For over 22 years, Publix is part of the Fortune 100 best company to work for. And he currently has more than 193,000 employees working at 1,243 stores across the United States. Being an employee-owned private corporation, it is owned by members of the Jenkins family as well as past and present employees.

Publix Passport Login at 2022

Publix Passport, also known as Publix Oasis, is the official self-service portal login system for Publix employees. This login system is a website provided by Publix, where Publix Services employees or Publix supermarket employees can access and manage their accounts, along with access to work schedules and contact information.

The account is typically managed by the Publix HR team which is mainly used by employees of Publix Inc. Publix Oasis is a computer programmed system where records of store functioning are kept based on business needs. Remember that you must be a Publix employee to use the publix employee login portal. And you should have access to your login credentials and login page.

Advantages of Login Account

There are some important benefits of Publix Oasis that we have reported here.

  • All Publix employees are granted a 2-week leave after a certain time which they can check on the Publix Oasis login portal.
  • They also get 6 paid holidays.
  • Publix employees also receive standard health, medical, and vision insurance benefits.
  • Publix will annually match $750 worth of an employee’s contributions to their 401(k).
  • You get the discounts offered on electronics, phones, security systems, hotels, movies, theme parks, vehicles and much more which all can be accessed on Publix Oasis.
  • Employees get their schedule, payslip and all information about their employment and benefits on the Publix Oasis login portal can do. ACAeronet Login

What are the Important Requirements for Publix Passport Login?

Important Requirements for Publix Passport Login

You do not need to register to access the Publix login portal and this will make it very easy for you to login. To log in you just have to get your login credentials from the HR team. Sometimes you will have to wait until you get your first salary to get your details.

If you also want to access the Publix oasis portal, then you will need to know the requirements of everything given below to enter the account.

  • Valid user id or personal number
  • Account password
  • You must access the US IP
  • Updated browser

Remember that if you are trying to access from countries other than the US, you will be shown an Access Denied message.

How to Log in to Publix Password / Publix Oasis Login Account?

If you want to login to the Publix Oasis or Publix passport login portal, then you just need to follow the required steps that are given below.

Publix Oasis Login Guide – Logging in to Publix Passport Login

Publix Oasis Login Guide - Logging in to Publix Passport Login

  • You need to visit the official website or
  • Once you are on the Publix login page, you just need to enter your username.
  • If you are a new employee, you need to enter your Pin which is provided by the superior when at the time of joining the company.
  • Now, just need to enter the password and click on the login.
  • After that, you will be redirected to Publix Oasis Login Portal Dashboard.
  • After accessing the Publix PASSport Account, an employee can access all the information related to their work and benefits.

To log in, you must have an updated browser that is compatible with your device and website. Publix Passport only works in Safari 5.1 for Mac or iOS devices and IE 7.0 for PC. If you are using iOS, Android, or Windows, then you must use the Firefox 4.0 browser. The sad thing is that this website is not compatible with Google Chrome, so with Chrome, you will not be able to access the website. You can also log in with a mobile device after visiting Publix Oasis Mobile Login and enter credentials to access Publix Oasis portal.

How to Reset Password of Publix Associate Employee Login?

If you forgot your Publix account password and reset your Passport Publix account password, then follow the below procedure for better help.

How to Reset Password of Publix Associate Employee Login?

  • Visit the home of Publix login.
  • You need to click on the “Forgot Password” link on your login page.
  • Now there, you will see is, “Publix User id”.
  • You just need to enter your Publix User ID.
  • Now, you have to answer a few couples of questions to prove your identity.
  • Once completing these questions, you are ready to successfully reset your Publix passport account password.

Customer Service from Publix Passport

You can always connect with the Publix support team through the following numbers for getting better help:

Publix HR Phone number: 1-(863) 688-7407 ext. 52108

  • Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Publix Employee ISSUES: 1-800-226-9588

  • Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Publix Oasis Login portal Support

Any employee can call on the number below in the given time if you have any issue with Publix data from Publix Oasis.

Publix Oasis Human Resources Phone number 1-(863) 688-7407, ext. 52108 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Publix Passport Emergency InfoLine: Phone number 1-877-PUBLIX1 (782-5491)
Publix 401(k) SMART Plan Phone number 1-888-401k-PLN (1-888-401-5756) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m
Publix Retirement Phone numbers (863) 688-7407, ext. 52327 or 1-800-741-4332 Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Publix Oasis Associate Ethics Line Phone number 1-(866) 747-3773
Publix Oasis Benefits Phone number 1-(863) 688-7407, ext. 52280 or 1-800-741-4332 Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Publix Passport Employee Personal Issues Phone number 1-800-226-9588 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Publix Oasis Employment Phone number 1(863) 688-7407, ext. 32504 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Publix Passport Payroll Phone number 1-(863) 688-7407, ext. 22311 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Publix Oasis Personal Plans Phone number: (Dental, Vision, Life Insurance) 1-888-374-6377 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Other Resources for Oasis Employee Login

  • Publix Login Page:
  • Publix Benefits Page:
  • Publix Contact Page:

Issues and Solutions for Publix Login Oasis Login

Access Denied – You don’t have permission to access the website: Maybe you are accessing from outside the USA or Trying to access from a proxy IP that has been banned by the website.

Feature is disabled/not showing: The website is being updated continuously and this the reason sometimes few features get disabled from the dashboard but it is a temporary issue. Before accessing your account you just need to clear your cache and cookies.

JavaScript Error:  Due to the outdated browser JavaScript has been disabled by firewall setting or browser settings and you face the error “This web browser does not support JavaScript”. So before trying to log in you need to update the browser or use the supported browser.

Publix Oasis Login FAQs

  • How Can I View My Schedule on Publix Oasis?

You need to login to your Publix Oasis account and you will be redirected to the dashboard of your account.  Now you will see the Look at the OSS option on the right side of the page. The link is under the Oasis logo. The title of the link is ‘Open OSS.’ You can click the ‘OSS’  option from the menu also and you will be redirected to the Publix Oasis schedule page. With this option, you are able to check your schedule and shifts. You also check your paycheck data.

  • How to solve error “Publix Oasis Website Features are not showing”?

Before accessing your account you just need to clear your cache and cookies because due to the portal updating, you still faced the issue.

  • How to Locate Publix Supermarket near me?

Visit the official website of Publix store Locator

  • Where can I change my details?

Through the official website and after accessing your account or contact the office or customer care.

  • What is My Publix Passport Username?

Publix Passport username is very important for the Publix Passport portal. You will need to enter the username, and password in order to log in to your Publix Oasis employment account.

  • When I will receive my first Publix Payroll?

You will receive your first Publix Payroll next Thursday after the first day of working in Publix.

  • What is the Publix Corporate Address?

Publix Corporate Address

3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy,

Lakeland, FL 33811.

  • How Do I Contact Publix Corporate?

You could contact Publix Corporate on 1 (800) 242-1227.

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I hope, you got lots of facts about the Publix Passport Login or Publix Oasis Login and the information we have provided about the Publix Oasis (Publix Passport) is useful for you. If you want to know more and have any query then visit the official page or you can also comment on us for better help.

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